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Honeywell C7035A 1049 in hot sale,new promotion is coming

description:Honeywell C7035A 1049 in hot sale,new promotion is coming...
C7027A, C7035A, and C7044A Flame Detectors are used with RA890G devices or R7249A, R7290A,R7749B and R7849A,B Amplifiers and the appropriate Honeywell controls.

• C7927A is used with only the R7851B Flame Amplifier and the 7800 SERIES controls.
• C7044A may also be used with the following 50 Hz.
Honeywell combustion controls/amplifiers:
— R4341/R7323
— R4343/R7323
— R4344/R7323
• C7027A/C7927A has an integral collar threaded (internal 1/2-14 NPSM) for mounting on a one-half-inch sight pipe.
• C7035A has an integral collar threaded (internal 1-11-1/2 NPSM) for mounting on a one-inch sight pipe.
• C7035A housing meets Underwriters Laboratories Inc. requirements for rain tightness and complies with NEMA enclosure standards, types 4 and 4X.
• C7044A mounts with a two screw bracket. The UV sensor tube is enclosed in a stainless steel housing.
• C7044A has the capability of side or end viewing in flame monitoring applications.
• Because of its compact size, the C7044A is particularly suitable for blast tube mounting.
• Properly installed, the C7027A, C7035A and C7927 are pressure rated for 5 psi.
• C7035A ultraviolet radiation sensor tube is field replaceable.
• Two C7027A, C7035A or C7044A Flame Detectors can be wired in parallel for difficult flame sighting installations. (C7927cannot be used in parallel.)
• C7927A, C7027A1049, C7027A1064, C7027A1072 come with 1/2-in. spud connection for electrical wiring.
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