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New arrival MTL CPY-C3-RAI141 backplanes for Yokogawa Centum VP & ProSafe-RS systems products in stock for sale.

Dear customer, in stock MTL CPY-C3-RAI141 backplanes for Yokogawa Centum VP & ProSafe-RS systems for your reference. You can contact Diana to order MTL CPY-C3-RAI141 directly or you can send us an inquiry for MTL CPY-C3-RAI141 backplanes.

Product Range overview

CPY-C3 series

An extensive range of backplanes, for use with the MTL4500 series IS isolators and the MTL4600 general purpose range. 

Single, dual and 4 channel isolator options address the endusers requirements for loop integrity and, where needed, 

the highest possible packing density.


CPY-RS series

MTL’s range of backplanes address the requirements for safety applications. MTL4500 series isolators are functional 

safety assessed for such applications to thelatest standards. Signal conditioning and diagnostics are available to provide 

the user with all the information required for reliable plant operation.


YTB-VP series

For use with the Centum VP these provide a remote cable connected interface for field wiring.

YTB-RS series

This series is designed with 2 rows of terminals to provide a compact interface. Each interface is supplied in a carrier for direct DIN rail mounting.

YTA series

Similar to the YTB series, the YTA provides single row terminals where stacked terminals are not the preferred solution.


MTL CPY-C3-RAI141 backplanes real product picture for your reference.

MTL CPY-C3-RAI141 backplanes

Hot sale product models for CPY-C3 series and CPY-RS series as below.


CPY-C3 series

CPY-C3-RAI135/835         CPY-C3 AAI141              CPY-C3-AAV141            CPY-C3-RAI141

CPY-C3-AAI141-HD         CPY-C3-AAI543             CPY-C3-AAI543-H         CPY-C3-AAI543-HD

CPY-C3-AAI841                CPY-C3-AAI841-H         CPY-C3-AAI841-HD      CPY-C3-MA841

CPY-C3-RAB841               CPY-C3-RAI141-H8       CPY-C3-RAI841-H8       CPY-C3-RAI841-8

CPY-C3-RAV141-8            CPY-C3-RAB841-8         CPY-C3-RAI543-H8       CPY-C3-ADV161

CPY-C3-ADV151               CPY-C3-ADV151-M       CPY-C3-ADV151-S        CPY-C3-ADV151-H8

CPY-C3-ADV551-M          CPY-C3-ADV551-S        CPY-C3-ADV551L-M     CPY-C3-ADV551L-S

CPY-C3-ADV551-M x2     CPY-C3-ADV551-S x2   CPY-C3-ADV159



CPY-RS series

CPY-RS-AI16-KS             CPY-RS-SAI16-KS          CPY-RS-AI16V-KS           CPY-RS-SAI16V-KS

CPY-RS-AO8-KS             CPY-RS-DI16-AKB         CPY-RS-SDI16-AKB        CPY-RS-DO8-AKB


For more information or any question about MTL CPY-C3-RAI141 backplanes, you can feel free to contact me here.

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